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Vacuum Pumps

Safety design,environmental protection,with CE certification to meet RoHs standards.Vacuum source used in printing,packaging and other fields……

Clean Air System

The clean air supply and compressed air polyene corresponding to energy saving and use are separated into water and oil……


ORION unique high precision control + large volume tank cleaning is very convenient! Plus or minus 0.1 ℃ high precision control can be realized……

Milking Machinery

Provide automatic feeding and management systems to support Japanese dairy farmers, lightness and high-quality milk powder production……


The concrete health maintenance on the construction site is used for heating in factories, and is also used for a variety of dry purposes……

Precision Air Conditioner

"From the whole air conditioning to local precision air conditioning", using the latest technology" heat pump balance control" series……


Specializing in the production of oil-free vacuum pump, air compressor after processing equipment


Understand the new view of the industry, case analysis, industry popularity and innovation, enhance service awareness and professional level

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Strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, actively encourage and drive the majority of employees to complete the tasks of safety and quality


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